Brain + Body storming

Brain + Body storming

Firstly, what is brainstorming/bodystroming? And How it different? When I heard this word bodystrorming, of course, I thought that maybe they said it wrong. This is the new word for me that I never heard it before. So, let’s me tell what I got from this session and analyse how useful of both techniques.

As everyone knows brainstorming is an essential tool to help us come up with a new solution and it’s also great to do with diverse people, by engaging with others. This leads to the creation of thinking outside the box to solve that impossible problem. Usually, we all can use brainstorming throughout any design or work progress. For me, brainstorming techniques are fundamental what I turn to when I’m stuck and don’t know what to do next which would help me find a unique idea.

My Tip:

To get an effective individual brainstorming. I would select a comfortable environment to settle down and think. Focusing on the problem at hand and using mind maps to organise and develop the ideas. Then, when it turns to a group brainstorming, be open mind and listening to each other. Lastly, the critical point of both individual and group brainstorming was managed well and also. It could be no criticism and judgment.

Next step is bodystroming, a unique tool that helps the designer get into the real situation and understand by being the user concerning their context.

To understand it deeply, In the class, we were asked to do a bodystroming as a team. One of my peers pretends to be disabled people sitting in a wheelchair. The task is to act like disabled people and see how they access the toilet, what made the trouble for them in the Kingston business school building. Before we do the testing, we were brainstorming by listing from our thought what might face the disabled during they go to the toilet.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

  • Narrow corridor
  • Elevator
  • Not enough automatic doors.
  • Tapping into classroom is too high.
  • Path not convenient.
  • The lecture table in classroom not suitable.

After we did a bodystroming, we also did an interview with my classmate who pretends to disable people. We analyzed that the circulation in the building was confusing which she cannot remember the way to reach their like she has to find the sign and sometimes it takes too long because the different of eyesight. Another interesting that we found is, she doesn’t want to be isolated from other people. For example, she felt comfortable with the existing table in the class although it is not. And she said, ‘I feel like I don’t want to be excluding from others I don’t want to have a different table like that’. From this perception, we figure out that we should create a solution to solve her feeling. Meaning that not just only provide a function to the user, but also to produce a meaningful product that we will make the table that look the same as usual and more convenient for all.



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