Time to start ASOCIAL up

After we formed the team with 4 people, who are combined with 2 of MACE and IME student. The course director said a group of 4 members are the best for teamwork that we hope we are. Our team named ASOCIAL, meaning that we aim to make a good product for society. In the previous class, we learned the several processes that can help us to minimise the time by using theory to build any product or service.


The first idea

Firstly, we tried to brainstorm what our issue in everyday’s life is. We emphasised that in today’s world the most common problem is everyone doesn’t have time to cook in the morning. During the time to go to work or study, they have to rely on the go and cold food such as sandwiches and junk food. After we found the problem, we did a bodystorming to help us understand the need of the customer and encountered the way to solve the problems. Our inspiration came from Chinese bamboo streamer which can be provided with good steam food. The product will create into a steamer mug that can bring it everywhere and also save the time. When we have identified the issued, we were asked to do a short presentation in 7 minutes.



The first idea 

The presentation is provided with an infographic poster shown the issue and the sketch of After we finished the present, we received the feedback from our lecturer and peers. We felt that our group did it pretty well and analysed that we could make a prototype to see the possible time to steam food. From now on, the team is looking smooth form the beginning, but actually, it is not. As you can see, we skip the step as we quite make a consumption for a user instead of solving the problem.


The second idea 




Following this, one of our members found the noticeable problem that he got when he travelled to the university. He has talked with an elderly lady with the crutches on a rainy day. A team member asked her why you are so wet? She said because she can’t hold the umbrellas at the same time with crutches. All of the team think that this problem comes from the real situation. Not from our thought.



So, then, we decided to change the whole things as we think that we could change for the better stuff before it’s too late. Next, we did 2 minutes standing about our new issue. We also try to make a prototype and present it. Stay tuned and wait for the feedback what we receive in the next coming blog.


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