Always use Business Model to generate the idea.

In this week we presented our second idea to the class and also did a business model canvas to find a value of the ideal product. We found that we can explain the problem easily which comes from the real situation. But when we move on to another step that is a customer segment. We all came up with a question. Will they be our customer? From the previous class, we learn to do an observation. We determined to went out and talked with people which they would be helped us to finalise who might be our customer.


Then, we try to do an observation. Firstly, we went to interview people Kingston hospital where are many people who use crutches. It was a piece of bad news. Most of them said that they don’t want to use an umbrella with crutches because when it rains, they just stay at the house. Another reason is they prefer to use a raincoat than the umbrella.
Besides, someone uses crutches just for a short time like when they got an accident. It seems like that we were in trouble. We felt struggling but not give up. Teams still brainstorm, again and again, trying to chat with people. Last but not least, we back to our first idea yet and try to find a way to develop further more.


After that, we did the Business Model Canvas which helping us understand what the position and value of the brand are. Below is a Business Model Canvas for our Trusteam mug. As you can see, from the canvas above, our brand namely Trusteam which we combined 2 words of trust and stream together. Showing a true steamer for a customer. Firstly, we define the issue and the customer segments which we could provide our product to solve their problem. Secondly, we find the unique value proposition of Trusteam, telling how different from the other. Next, we illustrate how Trusteam works. Definitely, to map all the thing into the Business Model Canvas when in turn to a business field we also have to define the cost and revenue to find a benefit.

As you can see, the process timeline of Asocial team. It is not obvious to build one product indeed from the starting to find a right team member, commute and corporate as a teamwork and time management. There are various things that can affect our collaboration. Lastly, I could say that teamwork is one of the most important things in every start-up’s organisation which enables us to complete the task faster and more efficiently than launching a project independently.


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