Our first Dragons’ den!


This is the last day of our first semester. Time flies so fast, we’re pitching in dragons’ den which is a UK TV show. The program allows everyone who has different business ideas to present your ideas in front of five wealthy investors and pitch for financing investment in the den from the dragons. Being a part of Design thinking course, we all have opportunities to do pitching which set in a theme of dragons’ den to present our first start-ups. It was a great experience that I can learn from here. Below is our script for our first dargons’den.

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Elevator Pitch
For the health-conscious people who want good food with less effort is an on-the-go mug that can provide streamed food in a short time. It can be used anywhere which will come with a USB charger, unlike other steamers. (Healthy food prepared in 15 minutes with minimum effort).

Problem and Target Group
While chatting with people who focus on their health, we found that their main issue is following a healthy diet as it involves much effort. People have trouble finding time to cook something for themselves in the morning (while going to work or university), they have to rely on the go meals like cold sandwiches rolls and junk food. With this product, they have, and it will be streamed in a short time(10-15 mins).

We have come up with a mug steamer which is inspired by the big bamboo steamers which are used to steam vegetables, dim sum and other food items. This mug steamer is portable and can be separated into different layers and is easy to carry.
The way it works is,

  1. Put hot water into the lower compartment.
  2. Put your food/vegetable you want to steam into the tray. Refer to the recipe book for different recipes.
  3. Cover it and plug it into and USB plug
  4. Enjoy your healthy steamed meal.

The product will be made out of three materials. Bamboo for the lid and uppermost compartment. Glass for the middle section and steel for the water and heater in the lowermost part. The USB(heater part) is inspired by the coffee warmers used to warm the coffee cup. Rest all is encouraged by the steamer. It is also easy to clean also as it can be separated into small parts.

Alternatives and competitors
In the market now, most of the steamer is not portable. For example, the steamer like Russell Hobbs Steamer comes with a huge pod which can be used in home only. Secondly, the trends of an on-the-go product such as vegetable in the cup always on the shelf in the cafe and it’s, but there is still no product with a good design that can be heated. Lastly, people usually order food and get it by delivery services, i.e. Deliveroo or UberEats which means that people don’t want to cook meals with complicated recipes. By the way, they still need healthy and good food.
To summarise competitors and alternatives are

  • Big steamers for, eg Russell hob steamer but they are not portable.
  • Buy food from canteen/cafeteria which is not very healthy.
  • Order food- Costs money and take more time.
  • Cook lunch from your home (You need to have a good time for that)
  • Proper tasty for the recipes

Market Entry and First Customers
Our first customer will the people who use fitness studios like gyms and yoga studios. We will sell it online through Amazon and promote it through Instagram. New recipes will be made available for free through Instagram. Long term plan is to scale it up to a line up of healthy equipment. It will represent us as a healthy brand.

It will be priced around 25-30. Will cost approximately 12 to us.

So this is our design startup product. There are some technical things that we need to work on some more. You can get the basic idea of how the final product will be by looking at the prototype. The final product will be one single piece shaped like a mug. It will have a mug handle, and it would be able to separate it into smaller pieces to make it portable. Our goal is to provide the customer with a healthy and quick way to eat food. And we hope TRUSTEAM will be able to achieve that. THANK YOU.

Infographic dragon's den


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