First trade fair

After we back from the winter break, this semester we will have a lot of fun and the challenging things to work with our start-ups’ team. Firstly, one week before the trade fair begins. Asocial team, we’re back together and try to improve and finalise our product which we received the feedback from the last dragons’ den pitching. In this trade fair, we will show our product that is the salad shaker which we focused into the raw food that will let the customer have the easiest way to have juicy delicious for every time in every day. We decided to separate the work in 2 parts because of the less in time that we started to do the job on last-minute:) Bharat and Khalid took a product part that they have to contact to the manufacture and build a prototype for the 1st trade fair. So, Fern and I were worked on the branding side.

In branding, we started with the trademark called SHAKESY and the brand mantra is “Healthy, Quickly, SHAKESY”.  We have made the Instagram account to publish our product, promotion and to connect with the online customer. Moreover, we try to add the value to our product that we will give free recipe thru online platform on Instagram and take away brochures which also have the purpose of advertising the product.


After we have done the 1st trade fair, we have got a lot of experiences and feedbacks in the positive things that we can chat with the people and know what the customer need is, and get more follower on our Instagram account. But also in the point that to improve our work on the next trade fair are

  • the setting on the table is a bit messy.
  • the proportion of the banner which some detail is too tiny.
  • the language for advertising should be less formal to create a friendly environment for the customer to access the product.
  • for the pre-order sale, we cannot take the money before the product delivers to the customer.


Let’s us improve our product and see you in the next trade fair 🙂





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